Business Tauturu for our Business Community

These workshops can introduce new ideas, new technology and cover a range of key business topics.  These are interactive sessions packed with key information, useful hints and tips. They are the perfect way to get your business skills up to speed. 

There are a number of training solutions available – see here for more details.  

BTIB’s aim is to educate the Cook Island community in areas such as book keeping, taxes, pricing and costing, labelling and packaging, branding, marketing, sales and more in conjunction with other organizations like Prime Foods, MFEM and other partners.  BTIB works with organizations to ensure you get useful, constructive advice and support.

This is a great opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs and establish new connections.

Business Tauturu - 30th September 2020

BTIB in conjunction with Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a Business Tauturu training session with local businesses on the 30th of September 2020 from 9am to 12pm. A total of 7 women from various backgrounds and all Sole Traders were given a number of training topics to help them with their current businesses – these are as follows:

  1. Labelling & Packaging (with Prime Foods)
  2. All about Taxes (with MFEM)
  3. Book Keeping & Record Keeping (BTIB)
  4. Social Media for your business
  5. Pricing & Costing
  6. Introducing Te Makete – another way to promote your business.

It was an opportunity for the audience to learn and understand about the basics of book keeping, learning about taxes, how to price their products or services and understanding the importance of social media and how it can help them to promote their business. 

Business Tauturu - 22 October 2020

The Business Tauturu Workshop was a half session providing a range of topics aimed at the micro to small business owners.  BTIB worked with Internal Affairs to help deliver this workshop. Special guest speakers also included Prime Foods – covering Product and Dry Goods, Ministry of Finance Economic Management presented by Paula Dyer, social media for your business presented by Harriet Strickland and Tamatoa Taruia from Vodafone. BTIB were able to provide a Pricing Calculator along with a Sales Forecast for those requiring assistance with Pricing & Costing information. 

Special Guest Appearance was Danny Mataroa who provided much advice on business and encouragement to take risks and work hard to be successful messages. He made the audience laugh and everyone enjoyed his speech. 

BTIB would like to thank Internal Affairs for the work they have been doing to promote these workshops and for the successful partnership.  BTIB wants to closely work with other agencies in the near future.  In particular, thanks to Pops and Rebecca for your continued support.  40 registered for the workshop and 32 people attended this workshop. A follow up of another workshop was requested by many of the attendees for particular topics.