BTIB - Our People

Our Team Members are the backbone of our success. We aim to offer the best client service by training and developing our people to be the best they can be. The heart of BTIB is our people, our clients, and our communities.

Our Team Members know that when they work for BTIB, we want them to make a difference.  BTIB encourages our people to be customer-led, client-focused and people-centred. 

Alexander (Alex) Henry

We welcome Alexander (Alex) Henry to the Monitoring & Compliance Division.  Alex is an Advisor in this field. Alex joined us in October 2020 and brings with him a wealth of experience in Management. This experience is compounded by the fact he was previously employed with BTIB from 2003 to 2006.  He was part of the Foreign Investment Division during that time. 

Alex looks forward to making an impact at BTIB and says, “there has been some really good changes to BTIB in the last year”.  He also says that BTIB is adding value to local businesses and looks forward to doing his part to add value to the team and to the business.  

Alex has a positive attitude, is always approachable and brings a lot of humor to the office.  You can always hear the team in laughter.  BTIB wishes Alex all the best in his new role. Welcome aboard!

Ngarangi (Nan) Napa

Introducing Ngarangi (Nan) Napa who is employed as a Business Advisor from the Business Enterprise Team.  Nan joined BTIB in August 2020.  Nan previously worked for Pacific Resort Hotel Group in the Accounts and Admin division and has been with Pacific Resort for over 5 years. Nan has strong communication and organizational skills. She has a solid financial background, which is a massive advantage. Nan looks forward to helping local businesses who want to start living their dream of being their own boss and helping them expand their business to be successful. She has a great attitude, easy to get along with, and will fit into the team very well. More importantly, is approachable and ready to assist clients with a smile.  Welcome Aboard!

Vaite (Vai) Poila

Presenting Vaite (Vai) Poila who is our newest addition to our team. She is employed as a Business Advisor in the Business Enterprise Team. Vai joined BTIB in November 2020 and is passionate about helping business owners in the community.
Vai moved back to Rarotonga in February this year to be with her family after living in Australia for 3 years. Vai has a range of skills that she has gained from hospitality, pharmaceuticals to warehousing. Vai is thorough, has attention to detail and is easy to get along with. She brings a wealth of experience to the team and looks forward to supporting our local businesses here in the Cook Islands.

James Thomson

BTIB would like to welcome our newest team member, James Thomson.  James brings strong business values and a good knowledge of trade for the new role, Trade & Pa Enua Development Coordinator at BTIB. He will be responsible for managing the trade opportunities between Pa Enua and Rarotonga as well as Internationally. He is passionate about seeing trade and business initiatives benefit our people for many years into the future. James background includes being a Real Estate Agent in Parramatta, Australia. Currently involved with planting, food sales, including rental properties. James parents,  family and some of his friends still reside in the Pa Enua and he can relate to the on-going challenges they face. He is passionate about helping our Kuki business people at all levels and is looking forward to working with the BTIB team as well as visiting the Pa Enua to expand business trade and development. BTIB is pleased to have James on board managing Trade & Pa Enua development. If you wish to contact James about Trade and all things about trade, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 24296 or email him directly on [email protected].