Business Training Packages


The Business Enterprise division offers workshops to improve and up-skill the Cook Islands community in business literacy. These short courses are tailored as per requests and topics that the community believe to be a need to build their capacity in business. Often BTIB will ask for mentors or business owners in their fields to help deliver training depending on their specific areas: If you are interested in registering for any one of these short-courses, please email [email protected] today.  Here are some business development training topics that we cover:
  • Start Up Your Own Business – Business idea, where do you start?
  •  Basic Accounting / Record Keeping
  •  Labelling & Packaging – Importance of Packaging & Labelling
  •  Understanding your Costs – How do you know you are making money?
  •  Pricing your Products/Service
  •  Social Media / Digital Technology
  •  Stocktake / Inventory – Keeping track of your stock
  •  e-Commerce with ANZ’s e-Gate Solution
  •  Business Banking – ANZ, BSP and BCI presenters  
  • All About Taxes for your Business – VAT, PAYE, Income Tax
  •  Business Registration – Sole Trader, Partnership etc
  •  Business Branding – Why is branding important for your business
  •  Marketing & Promoting your business – Where do you start?
  •  Creating your own Facebook Business Page – How to create your page
BTIB also offers One-on-One Training. Please contact us directly for further information.

My Business Idea

Have you ever come up with a business idea and wondered if it could be the next great thing?  Starting a business takes time and energy, and it takes some self-reflection to find out if a business idea is realistic or worthwhile. Better yet, once you have a good idea, how can you be sure it will blossom into a successful venture?

The purpose of this training workshop is to help individuals who have a business idea to understand if their idea is worth pursuing and whether it is both realistic, worthwhile or sustainable in the future.  Participates will be able to answer successfully all questions provided to them and have a good chance to turn their ideas into a success. Click here to help you get started.

How to Write a Business Plan


The Business Plan package focuses on how to write a business plan through listing the objectives of a business and strategies for achieving them. Business plans are vital when requesting for assistance from outside sources, investors or for making internal decisions. Business owners and individuals often undermine the importance of a business plan, however in this training, we explain to you why they are essential to starting or expanding your business idea.

Labelling & Packaging


Learn to properly label and package your products to sell to the public following guidelines.  In this short course, we discuss the difference between the labeling and packaging of both goods and services, and how these are used as marketing tools for your business. It will cover areas of the Cook Islands Legislation, in particular the Fair Trading Act 2008 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 2008. Participants are advised of their rights as a consumer and obligations as a business owner.  This is suitable for anyone who want to learn more about labeling or packaging requirements. 

How to Start Your Own Business

This short course explains how to start your own business, whether you aim to be a sole trader, partnership, or limited company. It teaches you how to write a  business plan and guidance on numerous aspects that you must consider before beginning your startup, including your business idea, finances, and market research. Once you complete the training, you’ll be prepared to come up with a viable business idea and set up your business.   This is suitable for anyone considering starting their own business or who is currently in the early stages of doing so. It is also suitable for people who want to learn about the process of writing a business plan. No previous knowledge is required.  Click here to help you get started.

Pricing & Costing for your Business


Pricing your products and working out the costs for your business can be a little overwhelming.  Pricing is one of the most important part of your business. But how do you price your products?  This is a short course on Pricing your products and services as well as reviewing the costs that can occur when you are in business.  We will cover the different types of price techniques, use methods to help you decide what is the best price for your product or how much to charge for your services. Understand how to calculate your costs and what to charge for.

This is suitable for anyone who is interested in reviewing their current pricing and costing for their business or if you want to learn more about pricing and costing for your business.

Basic Record & Bookkeeping


This training package highlights the benefits of basic record and bookkeeping, and how this can be used to make good business decisions. These benefits include business performance analysis, easier location of evidence and supporting documents, and becoming aware of the business’s finances. These all contribute to making effective decisions for the improvement of the business.

Create Your Own Facebook Page

We have 101 Facebook Training for your convenience.  BTIB can roll out Facebook Page Training Workshops for less than 4 people at a time however, your requirements may be different to others as your business is unique.  We recommend that you schedule a 101 Facebook Training.  You may schedule two or three sessions depending on your level of understanding and whether you have all the information you need as well as images to help you get started.  We will take you through what it is you need.  Get ready to create your own Facebook Page and start promoting your business today!

Business Taxes


There are different types of taxes you need to know when you are setting up your business.  For a small business, it will be important for you to understand how your business structure (Sole Trader, Partnership or Company) will affect how your business income will be taxed.  We will provide a tax guide and starting a business checklist to work out what you need. This is why keeping records is important.  

We will help you understand how VAT works, when to register, when to file VAT returns and how to work out the VAT in a price. If you are new to business and not too sure about taxes, then this is a short course for you.  Don’t worry, we will provide you with all guidelines and tax information after you complete this course.