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Foreign Enterprise Registration For Foreign Direct Investment

If you wish to start or purchase an existing business in the Cook Islands, refer to the Foreign Direct Investment forms below:

 Foreign Enterprise Registration Form – Foreign Direct Investment AF1001A

 Foreign Direct Investment Checklist AF1002A

 Foreign Enterprise Due Diligence Form AF1001B

Foreign Enterprise Registration For Short Term Business Registration

If you are undertaking short-term contractual work for a period less than 36 months, refer to the Short-Term Business form:

 Foreign Enterprise Registration Application Form – Short Term Business Registration AF1001B

 Short Term Business Registration Checklist AF1001B

Annual Return Form

If you are registered with BTIB and wish to file your Annual Returns, refer to the Annual Returns form. Note that Annual Returns are due on the 30th June:

 Annual Return Form AF1007

Application For Renewal Of Work And Residency Permit

Lastly, if you are a registered foreign investor seeking to renew to your work and residency permit, refer to the Renewal of Work & Residency Permit form. Note that your Annual Returns must be filed prior to requesting for a permit renewal:

 Application for Renewal of Work and Residency Permit AF1005

Foreign Enterprise Variation of Registration 

If you are seeking to change the terms and conditions of your initial approval, refer to the Variation of Registration Form:


The process & outcome of your application

1. Provide all supporting documents listed for each of the above applications.

2.Lodge the completed application together with appropriated fee payment: Foreign Enterprise and Short-Term Business registrations are $750, Variations are $100. Applications must be submitted to our office or online before 7th of each month to avoid express fee charges of $850.

3. BTIB will communicate with you once the application is received.

4. Your application will take approximately 3 weeks to process.

5. Your application is decided by a Board of 5 Directors that normally sits at the end of each month.

6.The outcome of your application will be conveyed immediately after the meeting.

7. If you are approved other Government agencies are also advised in order to facilitate your entry to carry on business in the Cook Islands. These include the Immigration Department for entry and work permits (visa), the Registrar of Companies for the registration of the company, the Management Revenue Division for tax registration, and the appropriate line Ministry responsible for the business sector you are in.

8. If your application is declined by the Board you have 21 days from the date of that decision to appeal to the Minister responsible for the BTIB.

If you are a current business owner in the Cook Islands and would like to sell your business to a non-Cook Islander, you will need to do the following:

  • Place an advertisement in 2 local newspapers for 3 months (1 placement per week, in two separate prints).  Advertisement must include a description of business for sale, sale price and contact details.
  • Online advertising will be considered.
    Keep a record of all local and foreign expressions of interest.
    Retain proof of advertisement (newspaper cutting, invoices or receipts).

Note: Advertising in local newsprints (Cook Islands News and Cook Islands Herald) is compulsory