About the Business Gazette

BTIB’s Business Gazette is an official publication mainly focused on real-estate, local business and information obtained from the Ministry of Justice, Infrastructure Cook Islands and from the Business Trade and Investment Board. 

Information published in the Business Gazette is generated from the previous month to give readers a complete months’ worth of data. 

To receive our gazette monthly you can complete the subscription form, and finalize your registration through payment of the subscription fee. We also offer different subscription and advertising rates, the options are listed on the forms.

Business Gazette Information

The Business Gazette is issued monthly, and consists of compiled information on the following:

  • New Registered Companies
  • Deed of Lease
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Deed of Mortgage
  • Building Approvals
  • BTIB Loan Approvals
  • Foreign Investment Approvals
  • Business Advertorials & Adverts
  • BTIB Updates
  • Business Fact Sheet

For Cook Island residents and businesses, please download the Gazette Form below and email this to [email protected].

Business Fact Sheet

The Business Fact Sheet contains basic facts about the business environment in the Cook Islands. Facts such as the most updated rates for transport costs, public utilities, bank charges, government charges, labor force conditions and the general economic conditions. The fact sheet is updated and issued twice a year, in January and July, to allow readers to receive reliable business data.  The business fact sheet can be found in our Gazette during these times.