Marketing Services

Here's how we can help you

  • We can link you and your business to our webpage:               Te Makete.  This is an online platform used to help you to connect to potential buyers. BTIB will be promoting our website to the outside world.  Get on board today and let us help you link your business.  Don’t forget to check out the Te Makete Stories.
  • We create our own BTIB newsletters to the wider community – this is where we can add you to our Te Makete Stories section in the Newsletter.  It’s informative and we update our subscribers every month. This is distributed to approximately 5,000 emails.
  • Trade Events is a great way to showcase your products and services at one central place throughout the year. Check out the trade events section on our website that we will be running from time to time.  We recommend that you register beforehand with the event that you want to be associated with.  This is an opportunity to allow buyers to see what products you have at these events.  Register your interest today via our contacts page or email [email protected].

Have you checked out Te Makete?


Facebook is a huge promotional online service for everyone – check out our Facebook Pages: BTIB & Te Makete below. Want us to promote on our Te Makete Facebook? Let us know.

BTIB has a number of training programs to help you get to set up and create your own Facebook Page as well as learning how to use it. Check out the Training Programs here for more information.

Promote your business today!

To get your company’s name out there, we encourage you to make sure you promote it in the right place. It’s no secret that you need to be visible online—that’s where most of your customers are looking! However, creating a strong online presence need not break the bank. We believe that every small business deserves the chance to be seen and heard online. We’ll help you get started.

Check out our BTIB and Te Makete Facebook.

Email [email protected] for an informal discussion or call into our office at anytime from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.