Trade & Marketing

Supporting Cook Island Exports

BTIB supports Cook Island Exports.  To gain much satisfaction from being able to positively impact our small export community, we want to work with clients that create unique, premium products and services.  Trade & Marketing Division promote trade to, from and within the Cook Islands. We seek avenues to promote and assist the development of locally made products and source market opportunities for exporters.

We support the development of industries and businesses involved in export or trade, promote and facilitate public and private sector co-operation for the development and expansion of Trade.

The Trade & Marketing Division operates in conjunction with other relevant Government agencies and private sector in respect of any matter concerning the taxation, fees, import duties and levies which may be an impediment to or desirable for increased export and trade. 

We will ensure that the optimum benefit to the Cook Islands Trade opportunities, promote and encourage exports from the Cook Islands.

We can help you launch your products and services into other markets by adapting your offer, branding or communication for local market requirements and expectations.  

Contact our office on 24296 for more information.  Email [email protected] for assistance. We look forward to working with you on your marketing project.