BCI Trade Days is one of the Cook Islands’ largest celebration of Market Trade Days. BTIB is proud to be running this event along with Bank of the Cook Islands this year. It has become a signature event for Rarotonga. This year, BTIB will organize a selection of entertainment, a place for attendees to sit, exciting prizes to entice the public and welcome associations, ministries, farmers, groups or others to setup a stall at this event.  If you want to be a Market Vendor at this event, please register below.

Expressions of Interest

Vendors Wanted: Food Vendors, Merchants, Farmers, Arts & Crafts, Associations, Schools and Ministries.

Please register by completing the attached form. The form below is for all vendors who wish to sell/trade/educate or inform the public about your services. This is a great opportunity to showcase your products or services at this event. All registrations must be completed by 20th July 2021. No other registrations will be accepted after this date.  Please ensure that you read the BTIB Rules and Guidelines before you register.  

The event layout and vendor locations will be determined by the BTIB event committee. There are no priority of location selection. BTIB’s decision is final however, vendor products and food sale types will play a role in determining vendor locations.  


We expect 2000 – 4500 in attendance and anticipate upto 10 food vendors to participate.  Vendors MUST not unpack before 2pm. Any vendors who violate this rule will not be selling the next day.  Please prepare your products/sales accordingly.


Once you click on SUBMIT, a confirmation of your registration will be sent to you via email within 24-48 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact BTIB on 24296.