27 - 29 July 2022 9am to 2pm

BCI Trade Days is one of the Cook Islands’ largest celebration of Market Trade Days where our people come together to promote, showcase and sell their products.  BTIB in collaboration with the Bank of the Cook Islands as the major sponsor has been administering this annual event since 2013.  The Pa Enua also attend this event and bring their popular island’s delicacies and craft products.  Every year, BTIB organises various entertainment artists, spot prizes and a dining area where people can sit and enjoy their meals while also enjoying the entertainment offered during the days.

BCI Trade Days 2022 was held on  27 – 29 July 2022 from 9am to 2pm at the Punanga Nui Market. 

This year attracted 65 registered vendors with a 60% Arts & Crafts and 40% Food & Beverages category total.  As is usual over the past years, we found it hard to attract Cook Islands dance troupes to entertain throughout the three days due to preparations for the Culture Celebrations the week after.  We did however manage to engage the 2022 Female Dancer of the Year, our beautiful green eyed Momoke and Ati, the Kapa Haka Group from Aotearoa and the Korero O Te Orau Dance Group.

Overall, this year’s BCI Trade Days was a successful event for all contributing parties.  We look forward to 2023.