Victorias Office

Mavis Tupa had applied for BTIB’s Business Support Fund (BSF) in November last year to help support her new business venture. With the support of BTIB staff, her close family and mutual friends, Mavis had successfully and officially opened her new business, called Victorias Office (named after her daughter). Her new business is located next to Tauae Shop in Takuvaine back road. The Business Support Fund has helped Mavis set up her business and assisted her with buying new resources to help her run her business smoothly. She already has a vast amount of clientele that are awaiting to make use of her services. If you are looking for assistance for your land inquiries contact Mavis.  

Victorias Office services include Land Paperwork’s, Family Meetings & Secretarial Services specializing in land research, family genealogies, successions, occupation rights, minutes of meetings, interim junctions, Deed of leases, Deed of Assignments & Transcripts and Stenography Services.  For anyone wanting more information you can contact Mavis on mobile: +68258897 otherwise email her on [email protected] for assistance.