The Fresh Fish Company

Have you heard of the The Fresh Fish Company?

They are based in Titikaveka Rarotonga and has been operating since 2009. Their story starts off with family members going out fishing as a hobby and coming back with plenty of catch. But if there’s too much? An easy way would be to sell it all to the local Resorts and Hotels which is something that they have been doing. However, these days, people want chilled, fresh filleted fish. The owners had an idea – to help support local fishermen, fillet whole fish and then distribute this to the local restaurants and resorts around the island.


The Fresh Fish Company is based in Titikaveka and sells fish to anyone who wants to buy fish. The sole owner of this company is Tim Vaikai. Tim and his team are in partnership with locl fisherman who give their fish to the Fresh Fish Company to sell on their behalf. Although processing division is located in the valleys of Titikaveka, they operate mainly through Social Media.


Make sure to like and follow their Facebook page for all updates and fish sales. Contact them directly today on mobile 78931. They deliver around the island all you have to do us provide them with your name, delivery location and how many kilos you want.