Matavera Tautu Farm

Local Eggs

A local family owned business first established in 2017.  Their purpose is to feed our children and our local people with fresh homegrown produce.  Home of the well known “Matavera Uncaged Eggs”.  

These local eggs can be purchased at SuperBrown in Nikao and Tupapa, Rarotonga. 

Local Fruit & Veges

Fresh produce every day.  Mataverau Tautu Farm (MTF) take pride in serving our people with fresh fruits and vegetables.  They do their best to meet the needs of everyone, bearing in mind that vegetables are seasonal. 

BTB is proud to promote Papa Anaru’s business in producing some of the best local fruit and vegetables here in the Cook Islands. There are FoodPacks and VegePacks for sale.  We are reminded to eat FRESH and go LOCAL.

To purchase your next VegePack, fresh FARM eggs and FoodPacks, here’s how you can contact MTF:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +682 50178