As a young girl Nanave grew up on the Island of Tongareva. Nanave started weaving at the age of nine . She would sit with her grandmother as she weaved together rito hats and fans. Nanave originally weaved as only a hobby eventually weaving became her passion. In 2017 Nanave began working at Pacific Weave where she would produce rito crafts and host weaving classes. In 2019 Nanave decided to pursue her dream of creating her own Branded line of arts & crafts. Nanave’s weaving is a fusion traditional and Contemporary styles woven in a variety of surfaces like, Mother of Pearl, Wood and Stone. Through her weaving, Nanave hopes to keep the traditional Weaving of Tongareva alive and inspire others to take up the art.

For more information you can contact Nanave on phone +682 50981or click on the link below for her business Facebook page