MintFit Active Wear

“If it ain’t mint, then it aint mint to be” the newest fashion sports attitude by MintFit Activewear.

It is a lifestyle and active wear brand that caters to women.  Business owner, Jasmine Beer is devoted to sprucing customers in a cool fashion forward that promotes your inner confidence.  Mintfit is based in Rarotonga Cook Islands that is committed to creating young women’s fashion sports attitude, and was brought to life in early 2021. During Covid-19 times, there was an initial stage of brand building which Mintfit experienced months of exploration in style and design.


Now, Mintfit is dedicated to becoming a new generation of trendy fashion brand, and offers athleisure fashion that everyone can afford and makes you feel good.  Have you heard of the “look good, feel good” motto?  This is it, Mintfit fits this motto. Whether you are into intense gym, home workouts or you just like that sports look, add Mintfit active wear to your collection and get ready to raise your game. 

Get fresh motivation, take your pick of Mintfit outfits that will soon be your new cool gym clothing.  It’s your new athleisure wear.  The new buzz word that’s going around.  Casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

Now you can get up and get dressed into an outfit which makes you feel productive anywhere, everywhere and you’ll be able to jump straight into your yoga class without having to change.  Winner! For Mintfit business owner Jasmine, she says “I basically live in activewear and I absolutely love it”. 

It isn’t just a piece of clothing, it’s a way of life.