Mama Ina’s – Tivaevae

Tivaevae – Traditional Sewing

Aunty Ina Bishop loves to sew and is passionate for the art of making Tivaevae. Tivaevae or Tivaivai is a form of artistic quilting traditionally created by women, like Aunty Ina.  The word means “patches”, in references to the pieces of material hand sewn together.  She says “It is imperative that tivaevae-making is still practiced and preserved for generations to come”.

Aunty Ina has been creating Tivaevaes for over ten years and has built a great reputation for creating some of the most exquisite pieces. She operates her business from a stall at the local Punanganui Markets in Avarua throughout the week.  She always has a lovely smile and enjoys talking to the locals whilst she works on one of her masterpieces. Aunty Ina has a supply of various Tivaevae cuts and “ready to sew” pieces.

BTIB is proud to promote Aunty Ina Bishop who encourages us to preserve our culture and share our creation to those who admire and are passionate about Tivaevae as well.

Want to learn how to sew a Tivaevae? Sign up today for one of Aunty Ina’s workshops. 

Contact: +682 21577 or Mobile: +682 51381.