Jewellery by Emilene

Selecting jewellery is a personal thing. The choices to pick and choose jewellery pieces can vary from simple to outlandish and often, to the individuals liking. There is so many varieties.

Introducing Jewellery by Emilene.  A Jewellery business owned by Emilene Taulu who signed up to one of CITTI’s “How to make Jewellery” Course.  Emilene became interested in creating her very own jewellery pieces for herself and her family especially for special birthdays, special events and as gifts for her friends as well. Emilene wanted to create jewellery because it was cheaper for her to make her own.  What was exciting for Emilene is that people started making compliments about her jewellery and all of a sudden, she was getting orders from people.  It was just a hobby, now it’s more than that. All it takes is a little passion, creativity and some enjoyment in what you do.  That’s how it starts.

Emilene enjoys creating unique pieces at an affordable price. Her jewellery include black pearls, Pearl Chains, Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Studs, Pearl Earring Drops, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl wire rings ,Pearl Tie Clips, and customised jewellery creations to order.

 Recently, Emilene has expanded her range to include acrylic “monstera” leaf earrings that are quite popular.  They look amazing and can be worn anytime and anywhere. Wear something different, something unique and eye-catching as part of your jewellery collection. 

 All you do is contact Emilene via her Facebook page