Jancey’s Bakery & Deli

Yummy is the word for Jancey’s delicious donuts.    Your eyes light up and all you want to do is buy everything.  The cheesecakes are moist and rich, different types and it’s hard to pick just one. There’s dozens of delightful fresh baked pastries and bit-size cookies that will satisfy your cravings. Then you move on to the cupcakes, beautiful cakes and deli sandwiches as well.  There’s no leaving this place!  But don’t feel bad, desserts give you energy.

Wallace Ariota, aged 27 came up with the idea in honor of his late great grandmother, Mama Jancey. The business was established in August 22, 2019.  Wallace, is the son of Avarua Bakery owner, Kervin Ariota. Mama Jancey was known for her ability to bake cakes and have it ready in the lounge area for all to eat.  She would start baking from Thursday morning right up to early Sunday morning. What a treat!  There was no TV at the time, so baking became the next best thing – it was Mama Jancey’s passion.  Kervin recalls Mama Jancey as the woman who had a gifted touch for baking cakes. 

Wallace wanted to portray that passion through the retail store as there was nothing more respectful then to honour Mama Jancey’s legacy.

Jancey’s opened in Muri but has moved to Tupapa right next door to Avarua Bakery (temporarily).  You can’t miss them, they are brightly painted in orange.  BTIB visited Jancey’s and wanted to see for ourselves what it was like.  We couldn’t decide whether it was the creamy chocolate coated donuts or the over the top shakes indulged with ice cream, more cream, a delicious coated donut on the rim with a dash of topping. Oh dear!  It’s impossible to leave this place.  It’s so yummy!

BTIB met with Paul, who has been working for the business  for over 12 months.  Even during Covid-19 times, they wanted to stay open and keep it open, for their staff and of course those who have dessert cravings.  Jancey’s opens daily and offer cold/hot beverages and provide food catering services for government and corporate companies.  Jancey’s often try out fun and new desserts – check out their Facebook page below to get an update on what they have to offer.  

Visit Jancey’s from 7am to 2pm every day (except Sunday’s). Saturdays is from 7am to 12pm. 

For your next catering services or delicious cake and dessert order, just send them an email today: [email protected].

Or give them a call on Telephone: +682 25 557