Island Ukuleles

Have you ever played an 8 string ukulele? If you have, the music and sound that is produced from this instrument is amazing.

Introducing Mii Simona who creates by hand these unique and beautiful 8 string Ukuleles.  It takes time crafting these ukuleles and requires passion. Mii is based in Tupapa main road and works from home. His sign can be seen from the road called “Islands Ukuleles”.  

The Ukuleles are made using mahogany wood, rose wood, and other native wood depending on its availability here in the Cook Islands. These are sourced locally. The blended colors look absolutely amazing once it has been varnished. 

The Cook Island Ukulele is a typical representation of day-to-day Cook Islands music and culture. Its 8 strings (in four double courses) produce a fast strumming sound, attracting its listeners. The Ukulele can be bought to those who love to play these instruments otherwise it can be displayed as a souvenir. A number of people purchase these as gifts.

This is a great way to purchase something for your child to learn how to use a ukulele. Or treat yourself! Feel free to stop by Mii’s house on the main road in Tupapa and he can customise one for you. Contact Mii today on mobile: 72394.

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