Plant Whispers

A passion for plants and flowers- a Plant Whisperer amongst us

Do you love planting and doing your gardens?  For those who love gardening and plants, this is a story for you.  Introducing Luduina Teariki Vaine Hoff Williams from Nikao, Rarotonga – she is a plant whisperer and shares a strong passion for plants, her business is called, Plant Whisper.  Luduina is enthusiastic about growing and planting different types of plants. If you are a plant person then often, you are concerned about the Earth and how much they effect the environment, and of course, what they do to our bodies. Plants are important to us all.

We have some of the most beautiful gardens here in the Cook Islands. There are different varieties which surprisingly, are found in Luduina’s garden.  Luduina adores her flowers, as they bring joy and happiness to her home. It looks vibrant, colorful and they smell great in any home. Luduina says “Koumuumu Tiare Ki toou taeake, e tiare manea, e tiare ou” which means, whisper to your friends about the beautiful flowers, how fresh and new they are in the Cook Islands.

It is her interpretation of “Plant Whisper”. Fascinated with plants and assorted flowers, Luduina learnt about plants from her mother, Lina Hoff who taught her an extensive amount of planting, flowers and all things green. She inspired Luduina to explore natural resources, to be organic and grow her plants in the most natural way.  Sadly, Luduina’s mother passed on early this year. In Luduina’s garden, she does not use chemical substances or synthetic fertilizers on any of her plants. She says “if you want a healthy body and a healthy planet, consider going organic”.  Luduina likes to help and educate her friends, families and travelling guests about the importance of going organic and generally provide a better understanding of plants and planting. Plant Whispers has developed well over the years and blossomed into a successful business which Luduina is excited about.

It has also provided a great opportunity to educate people about her plants. She is combining her knowledge and passion to create workshops that runs twice a week and will be available until the end of the year.   These workshops focus on planting organically, using organic farming practices as well as teaching our younger generation how to plant orchids, and anthuriums which is a challenging plant to grow.

It also provides inspiring gardening and plant care information for gardeners of all interest and experience levels.  Gardening is good for our minds, bodies, and spirits. As gardeners, we know this. Luduina encourages other gardeners, people who love planting, or anyone who wants to get into planting to contact her today.  You never know, you may learn something new about plants, or how to grow plants in a particular way. These workshops are very popular, so bookings are essential.  

Book a workshop today.  For more information, contact Luduina on 76641 or send her an email: plan[email protected]