What do you do when you’re unemployed and you have two children to look after? How can you make money staying home? That’s something that Marsela was thinking about every day. Staying in upper Takuvaine, with her inlaws, Marsela would explore options on how to make some money on the side. She thought hard about her talents to see if there were things she could create, something different in the market place and doesn’t cost too much to make. After lots of planning, Marsela came up with Crochet Flowers. This is definitely something different. Crochet flowers are beautiful gifts that you can wear.


 Marselas’s journey started when she tested out these items, making 6 as a start and wanted to see if there was any interest in the market for this. Marsela says, “I was shocked to see the amount of people interested in my product”. This helped Marsela to create more flowers, offering different varieties and more colorful choices. After a while, it became very popular and soon, everyone was talking about it. The power of Facebook is fantastic for businesses like Marsela’s. Great way to promote your products is to create your own Facebook page as well.

 From someone who had no idea that this would work, Marsela is now selling her beautiful crochet flowers to the public. She is now busy and enjoying creating something beautiful for her, her family and now friends. Marsela has now built a clientele and has her own business Facebook page making it easier for people to find her. Marsela was able to learn the art of crochet knitting from her mother in Mangaia. Her mother taught her the basics. This has allowed Marsela to continue a beautiful passion of crochet knitting and now, she is sharing her creative gifts to others. All the work that Marsela does is based in Takuvaine at her home. Marsela is very grateful to all those who supports her small business venture.

 Anyone can start a business as long as you have the passion and the belief that anything is possible. Check out some of the beautiful products that she has created and don’t forget to like the page for regular updates of new items from Marsela. There are 4 sizes for earrings – small $5, medium $10, large $15,and XL $20. There are a number of earring sets at $25.00. For outer islands, there is an extra freight fee of $5.50 to send out to the Pa Enua. Marsela’s aspirations is to one day export her products to NZ, Australia, and whoever wants her products. Marsela encourages everyone who has thought about being in business to start today. You can be your own boss. Marsela says, “You just don’t know until you try it out for yourself”.

Phone mobile 50678 for your orders today or click here for her Facebook page.