Be Fruitful!

Just Delicious!

A combination of love, family, and togetherness produce delicious “Be Fruitful” ice creams.
Be Fruitful has a gorgeous mobile ice cream trailer that’s so eye-catching…so colorful. They have mouth watering flavored ice creams, ice pops and more.
This wonderful business is owned by Louisa & Mark CastleDine (returning Kuki’s from New Zealand) who have worked very hard to make it a success. It has been a great hit for many delighted customers. Everyone who has indulged and tasted their ice cream is raving about it.
Louisa and Mark wanted to start up a business since moving back to Rarotonga. They wanted a business that reflected their family values, representing new beginnings in paradise and connecting it back to their roots. It was a way to unite and influence the community. Be Fruitful has inspired the family to use local seasonal fruits including sweet juicy pineapples, raparapa and venevene which is freshly picked from the island of Manihiki. Louisa’s family is from the beautiful Island of Manihiki, the Island of Black Pearls.
Children and adults are praising the taste and fruitiness. Every product that is created is made from love. Be Fruitful is operating at the Social Centre in Nikao however open during certain times of the week.
For private or corporate functions for any age group, contact Louisa or Mark directly.
For booking information, phone 74035