Baxters Water World Aitutaki

You will find everything you are looking for in a store like Baxter’s Water World in the heart of Aitutaki. Right from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, rice, noodles, punu puaka, to packaged products, beverages, and personal care products. You can choose from a wide range of grocery options to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices.


Baxter’s Water World Aitutaki has been operating for over 10+ years. This family business is locally owned and started as a small diary and have expanded into a Mega One Stop Shop selling an extensive collection of frozen foods, ice cold drinks, fresh fish and a wide range of seafood from local fishermen. They have it all!. “We try to bring you the best” says John Baxter.

The Mega One Stop Shop is open 6 days during the week from Monday to Thursday at 7am- 8pm. Friday – Saturday from 7am-9pm, closed on Sundays. Contact John Baxter today for your next order on mobile 54430. Email [email protected] or telephone 31325, Aitutaki is spoilt for choice.