Akari Pi (Healing Oil) from the Island of Mangaia

The Cook Islands’ has been known to make traditional coconut oils. Akari Pi is a special coconut oil infused with special medicinal plants. The locals use these oils for massaging and as “healing” oils.  It is known to have healing properties – good for dry skin, cuts, and sores.  Coconut oil is laborious and time consuming but the price one pays on the island for a bottle is unbeatable for a wonderful, 100% natural product.

Tuaine Papatua’s produces this healing oil from the beautiful island of Mangaia.   

Tuaine has been selling Akari Pi to the locals and to tourists. Akari Pi comes in different sizes including an easy to carry small size especially for those travelling in and out of the Cook Islands. 

BTIB is proud to support Tuaine and his special oil – Akari Pi from Mangaia.  To grab a bottle of this special oil, contact Tuaine today. 

Telephone +682 73677 or click on his Facebook page below: