Akaora Creations

Akaora is about creating a wearable product out of plastic, which would otherwise be known as trash.

Rebecca Jim is selling a clean dream to customers here and overseas. Rebecca has found a special way to create fashionable earrings made out of plastic. Hence the business name: Akaora Creations. Akaora means to restore, revive and renew.  It is much more than just a jewelry brand.  Rebecca says “It is about taking care of our environment”.  Rebecca calls this process up-cycling, which is also known as creative reuse. Rebecca started using her creative ideas on these plastics and came up with feather earrings. 

The feather earrings pictured on the left is purely made out of used plastics.  It is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products perceived to be of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value.  

She also uses toilet paper rolls for packing and the lid of used ice cream containers to hold the earrings together.


Rebecca says the best thing about Akaora is the story behind the creation – it is made up of used plastics with the intention of reducing plastic waste in the country.

Rebecca loves nature and wants to make a difference. It was a perfect opportunity for her to do something for nature. She says ” One has to just keep in mind that even though you are just one person, that makes a lot of difference and can lead to something bigger”.  

BTIB is proud to promote Akaora Creations created by an inspirational artist.  Rebecca is the daughter of Tokerau Jim who is a pearl shell carver/artist as well.  Talent certainly runs in the family.  

These earrings are easy to purchase.  Simply click on the following links or contact Rebecca directly via email or mobile.  


Mobile: 87 855