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Framhein Koteka

Trade and Marketing Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Framhein Koteka managing director of Te Winery Extractors and Distillers who was recently selected to participate on the Small Islands States Trade Exploratory Mission to New Zealand scheduled from the 09-13 November 2015.

Mr.Teremona Mato Manager – Trade Development at Pacific Trade Invest indicated that “based on the EOI sent out to the SIS countries, a number of names were recommended by participating countries trade offices and/or ministries and Pacific Trade Invest in New Zealand completed the selection process. There is a total of 6 exporters confirmed on the mission from the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Palau, Marshall Islands, Niue and Tuvalu all representing food and beverage products”.

Trade and Marketing team had 3 names shortlisted for the mission. A final decision to select Framhein Koteka -TE WINERY EXTRACTORS AND DISTILLERS was based on exclusivity and production process of their products. TE WINERY EXTRACTORS AND DISTILLERS are sole producers of local wines, liquers and newly introduced vodkas. Each of these products are prepared from the fermentation of local fruits.

Framhein Koteka has prepared an assortment of stock ready to take on his mission next month. Framhein will be introducing a vast range of products while in New Zealand ranging from star fruit, vanilla, pawpaw and chilli liqueurs to mango, banana and venevene wines as well as vanilla, banana and coconut vodkas. Framhein has also prepared vanilla paste, and vanilla and coconut sugar to take.

Trade and Marketing team have been working closely with Framhein and Mr Mona Mato from Pacific Trade Invest to ensure Framhein is well prepared for his mission next month.

We would like to thank Framhein Koteka for taking up the opportunity on the SIS mission to New Zealand.

The Colourful origins of Te Winery Extractors and Distillers

Kia Manuia

Beauty Products off to Japan


Ms. Reiko Takada, Promotion Coordinator of Pacific Islands Centre recently visited Rarotonga to accompany the president of a Japan Company on a visit to the Cook Islands for the first time from 1st to 5th of May 2016.

"Immediately after the show PIC received some enquiries from Japanese companies showing their interest in handling the products and negotiations have started" Ms. Takada said. Furthermore, a workshop was run by Ms. Reiko Takada and T&M Division to discuss trade opportunities and to introduce current needs and trend of Japanese market that can be a tool to promote the Cook Islands products in Japan. The workshop took place on Tuesday 3rd May at the BTIB training room. As requested by Ms. Takada, the Trade and Marketing Division have organized for the President of the Japanese company to meet with Mr. Robert Wiley owner of Rito. This meeting was scheduled to take place on Monday May 2nd 2016 on site of Rito factory.

Notably, negotiations between the Japanese Beauty Salon and Rito was very successful. We received confirmation from Robert Wiley of Rito Cook Island that contracts had been signed by both businesses and exports of Rito will begin. We would like to congratulate Robert and Suzanne Wiley on securing a Japanese buyer for Rito Products.