The Business Trade Investment Board (BTIB) website is full of information about who we are and what we do. We have information on what is required to start a business in the Cook Islands, and for those looking to invest in the Cook Islands we have information on the process for foreign enterprise registration, as well as information on our efforts to improve our exports and import substitution.

The Cook Islands is a great place to do business as it combines the need to earn a living with having a lifestyle outside of the busy modern lifestyle most people live in. If you cannot find the information you need or you have a specific question please drop us an email on btib@cookislands.gov.ck and we will do the best we can to assist.

Businesses for Sale

Manea Plantation

Is a tourism supporting business and a model farm located on Rarotonga (Cook Islands) with stunning residential living quarters.

Dive Rarotonga

Dive Operations - Water lovers this is for you

Saltwater Cafe

Iconic Saltwater Cafe. Located on the south side of Rarotonga.

High profile roadside location with magnificent water views from the covered veranda

Rosa Way

This is not JUST a magnificent home 

but a property that has the design and layout to be a boutique style 

restaurant or upmarket B&B .

The Big Fish - Dive Centre

Will be sold as a going concern.

Strategically located at Aroa Beach and only walking distance to the Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa. 

Ocean Escape

OCEAN ESCAPE, Matavera, Rarotonga